5 Things You Should Know Before Dine In

Have you always wanted to make a reservation at a dine-in restaurant, but has it not happened yet? Read on and discover all the ins and outs you need to know if you want to book for contactless dine in.

Be open to surprises

Surprise! Dine-in is all about surprises. You do not know in advance where you are going to eat or what you are going to eat. An ideal opportunity not to worry about which restaurant you want to dine at. No more doubting for ten minutes about which dessert you like best. No choice stresses! Surrender to the cook’s cooking skills and let yourself be completely spoiled with a delicious three-course surprise dinner. They admit you have to be a little adventurous. But hey, on vacation to ‘destination unknown’ or the first meeting with your mother-in-law is still scarier …

Allergies or not in the mood for fish? No problem

A three-course surprise dinner of course sounds nice, but if you have a certain allergy or don’t like something, the fun can be over quickly. You can tell in advance what allergies / dietary requirements you have or what you do not like. They will then inform the restaurant well about this. So, after twenty years, you still don’t like Brussels sprouts? Do not hesitate to pass it on to us!

(Hidden) gems

Quality is our top priority! Dine in apps have selected unique restaurants that are all known for their good food and pleasant atmosphere. They only work with the best restaurants, so that They are sure that you can enjoy a great evening. They also always ask your predecessors for feedback, so that they can be sure that the restaurants have done their best every time.

Reserve in time

To ensure that you end up with the best gems in the City, book 2 days before your dining adventure. This gives time to prepare everything to perfection.

3 pm, THE moment of truth!

Still nails from the tension? This is the time! At 3:00 PM on the day you go out for dinner, you will receive the announcement email in your inbox (or check your spam box). Will it be tapas, classic French cuisine, or that one restaurant you always wanted to go to but never had one? In the email, you will find all the information you need for a great evening!

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