Coronavirus is a grave risk to the stability of a variety of businesses, especially those that involve the regular inflow of staff and customers. While people are quarantined inside their homes, businesses are trying to adapt to the new normal and make changes in their way of doing business so that they can survive the pandemic without much loss, or worse-shutting down.

One of the industries that are undergoing lots of modifications to ensure the security of their businesses is hospitality. While dine-in still continues to be non-operational, restaurants around the world are preparing themselves to serve their customers effectively with takeaway and home delivery facilities.

If you are also a restaurant owner planning to adapt your kitchen for takeaway and delivery, here are a few points that you can keep in mind to become a smart restaurant.

Menu Revision

You never know if your raw materials will be supplied in time or not. So, you need to be flexible with your menu. Also, not every dish that you served is suitable for takeaway or delivery. Invest some time in brainstorming with your team about which dishes will probably be in demand and good to be packed, heated, and enjoyed by your customers at home. Prepare a menu accordingly.


The current scenario demands the entire focus be put on the safety of staff and customers. Make sure that your kitchen is well sanitized and kept clean. The customers put their trust in you when they order something during such an unsafe situation. So, send them healthy food prepared with lots of love and care.


When you start delivery and takeaway, it becomes really difficult to keep a track of all the orders. Hence, it is most advisable to implement the boon of technology into your business and use a POS application. It will help you know the status of staff, orders, customer details, bills, etc whenever you need it and decreases the work pressure greatly.

Proper Packing

It is highly advisable to buy a stock of good quality packaging materials before you start delivery and takeaway. The beautiful utensils inside your kitchen will not be of much use for quite some time. Make sure that the covers are spill-proof and airtight.

When you are done with the basics, be a smart restaurant, and sign up with some online ordering or delivery provider platform. This will increase your chances of getting more orders and will also be a great way to announce to your customers that you are now open for delivery.

Don’t wait anymore! Follow the instructions and start delivering.

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