Advertising Mediums Every Restaurant Should Consider During the Pandemic


As the coronavirus continues to stay with us, restaurateurs are looking for better marketing strategies. The hospitality business has seen a massive decline in dine-ins due to safety concerns. Thus, the struggle to attract more customers has become harder.

Some of the restaurants decided to shut their doors and convert into cloud kitchens. While there were various others that looked up to technology for hope. A lot of restaurants invested some capital and converted their venues into smart restaurants.

But the key to gaining more customers still lies in effective advertising. You need to make sure that your facilities and services catch the attention of your target customers. So, we have prepared a list of advertising mediums every restaurant should consider during the pandemic.


It is undeniable that Google offers the best reach to everyone. Be it a visitor, or local residents, everyone relies on Google to know about the nearby happenings. So, a smart restaurant will never let this opportunity slide. Google offers multiple tools for advertisement. Some of them are AdSense, AdWords, My Business, etc. With basic knowledge of SEO, you can use them to your advantage and get more customers. They will also help you boost your reach and rank on top of the Google search result page. So, marketing and advertising on Google is definitely a great option.


While most of the outer operations are on a pause, people are spending a considerable amount of time watching videos. Online streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and YouTube offer a great space for advertising your business in varied budgets. You can buy ad slots and make sure that your customers can catch a glimpse of you while watching their favourite movie. Who knows? They might be craving some snacks already.


Social media is the most effective tool for advertising currently. Also, most of its services are free. The modern customers are very tech-savvy. They love spending time on their smartphones, scrolling Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. So, being a smart restaurant and marketing your business on these platforms is a big thumbs up. It takes very less time and effort and has a wide reach. You can target your audience and put up information about new deals and offers along with HD images.

Which of these mediums do you think will work best for your restaurant?

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