Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year. It is an extra special occasion for the hospitality industry. This day most of the customers prefer to dine-in at restaurants. As the day is coming closer, is your restaurant prepared for celebrations? Valentine’s begins much before the actual day. It is an entire week full of love and merriment. So, you can drive more sales for 7 days straight if you have the correct strategy to attract customers.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to make preparations at your place in advance.

Set the mood

Valentine’s screams romance. Prepare your restaurant accordingly. Make your customers feel cosy and comfortable. Dim the light. Decorate your interior with flowers. Make changes in your table reservation. Hire a band to perform or play soft songs while your customers dine-in.

Customize your menu

Nowadays, you do not have to put efforts into preparing a new menu. You can do it digitally. You can add bite seized dishes, sweet delights etc to your regular menu. You can also create an entirely separate Valentine’s Special menu for dine-in. Place cute romantic names for dishes.

Give something to remember

Your customers will not forget how you made them feel on a special day. So, give them special gifts. It can be roses, complimentary dessert and gift cards. Whatever you give, it will always be remembered as a sweet gesture.

Prepare for proposals

Proposes are about to pour in during the entire week. So, stay prepared to witness some at your own venue. Keep your champagne, confetti and complimentary gifts ready. Also, help the customers who would like your assistance with the proposal. Instruct your staff accordingly.

Go the extra mile

You can arrange couple-friendly games and events. Also, set up a separate photo booth where your dine in customers can go and click pictures. Add useful props to the setting to make it more fun.

All this is more than enough for your venue to be ready for Valentine’s Week. So, follow the tips and prepare accordingly.

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