Party Till Night With Smart Digital Waiter Assistant

Hey, Chandigarh is a beautiful City! As the sun goes down many people are excited to party till late in the night. Enjoying nightlife is the essence of Chandigarh, one of the most happening places in the Country. The party culture in Chandigarh brings liveliness to your life. That’s why nightlife is somehow happening in


How To Achieve Your Restaurant Business Goals With Modern Software?

The restaurant Industry has a passion to serve food meals to customers. Restaurateurs pursue their dream of giving out-of-the-box services to customers. People visit restaurants to explore some new dishes & enjoy the ambiance. Also, restaurant owners are adopting new ways in their lifestyle to expand their customer’s feasibility. Restaurants are eliminating traditional ways and


Lead Your Restaurant Business To Success With Smart Restaurant Billing Software

Running a restaurant is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Thank God! We are living in the tech world with numerous smart solutions to make our lives easier. Amid the many, a restaurant billing software is a modern way to handle all the business operations smoothly. Many restaurant owners do waste their


Why A Digital Menu Is Better Than A Paper Menu?

If you are in the UAE, you might have visited many small restaurants that use paper menus or screenboard for menus. But that doesn’t save your time.  With social distancing being the need of the hour, standing in the queues to order or pay bills doesn’t sound safe. It’s time to carry safety in your


Make Your Dining Experience More Virtual

Does every business need to think about the future? It is hard to quantify the commercial benefits. This is because most websites are passive. Consumers are active on social media platforms, so enabled smart technologies into your business.  Within the blink of our eyes, technology has evolved a lot and you will discover that certain


Smart Restaurants: The 4 Most Important Types of Tech Solutions for You

The most successful restaurants are those who can keep up. No doubt, technology has transformed the human world entirely. And the restaurant industry is no behind. The constant tech evolutions and evolving customer preferences are the major reasons behind the epic transformation. Here’s an outline of the 4 technology solutions you need to turn your


Why Does Your Restaurant Need a Digital Menu?

Of the many tools, a restaurant menu is one of the most vital accessories. It is an internal advertising tool to guide and educate your customers about the experience they are about to have. Undoubtedly, a robust restaurant menu is important for communicating your brand, its values, and the lip-smacking food you offer. While the


4 Ways Local Dine-In Restaurants can Thrive

No doubt, Covid-19 had a devastating effect on the restaurant industry. Even then, there are ways local dine in restaurants can get back on track and maximize their sales. Let’s see, what are the ways to achieve this. Takeout & Delivery Are you still on the list of restaurants that haven’t yet explored the gamut


How to Use Order Taking App to Improve Your Restaurant’s Operations

Have you ever thought about how much time your server spends taking orders? How much time does your backend staff spend recording online orders on the POS system? How much does it take to inform server staff that an order is ready to be served to the customer? So, do you want to save all

order food online

Checklist for a Great Restaurant Experience: From Digital Menus to Personalised service

If you are a foodie and love trying out dishes in restaurants, the checklist below will help you find your next best eating spot. It’s not about good food anymore, but it’s more about conveniences such as online payment options, digital menus, and efficient customer service. What comes to your mind when you plan to go