Relive The Joy Of Dine-in With Y The Wait

Unprecedented coronavirus has changed the lifestyle of people. Restaurant merchants are in terror for their dine-in services. The reopening of bars and restaurants in the city has been a big relief for the people in despair. Well. It’s important that we finally accept that living with covid-19 is the new normal and that we have


The Secret To Attract More Customers

When you visit a restaurant on your birthday, they offer you complimentary desserts or treats to make you feel special? Don’t you feel extra special?  Customers get attracted by your restaurant when you offer them special treatment. Love getting pampered on special days. It means a lot. Now imagine if you will receive special treatment


Dishes That You Find It Difficult To Pronounce?

Sometimes in the restaurants, we find it difficult to order dishes because they are difficult to pronounce. While we’re good at eating food, we’re not quite good at saying it. We land up getting corrected by our language sycophant friends. We bring you a list of most commonly mispronounced food words.  1. ALMONDS  Aal-mund Ah-mund 

Home Delivery Restaurants Near Me

Free Restaurant Billing Software: The Biggest Revolution Of Food Industry

How can a restaurant billing software bring a revolution in the food industry? You may wonder if we are kidding or what. But believe us, there is some helpful restaurant management software with free billing software included. These management software are not only meant for restaurant billing. They have excellent features to provide solutions to

FnB POS Systems Becoming More Advanced In UAE

FnB POS Systems Becoming More Advanced In UAE

The food and beverages industry has been using POS systems for decades. But now, in UAE, the restaurants and food outlets are becoming more potent with advanced restaurant POS software. A POS system is related to billing and payments, but what makes it more refined? Artificial intelligence is the answer to all questions. AI made the Point-Of-Sales


How To Achieve Your Restaurant Business Goals With Modern Software?

The restaurant Industry has a passion to serve food meals to customers. Restaurateurs pursue their dream of giving out-of-the-box services to customers. People visit restaurants to explore some new dishes & enjoy the ambiance. Also, restaurant owners are adopting new ways in their lifestyle to expand their customer’s feasibility. Restaurants are eliminating traditional ways and


Lead Your Restaurant Business To Success With Smart Restaurant Billing Software

Running a restaurant is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Thank God! We are living in the tech world with numerous smart solutions to make our lives easier. Amid the many, a restaurant billing software is a modern way to handle all the business operations smoothly. Many restaurant owners do waste their


Enhance Your Customer Service With An Online Food Ordering App

The greatest opportunity for growth is to give your customers a lasting impression. Nowadays, customers want their favorite food with the utmost convenience and comfort. Gone are the days when convenience was limited to getting food delivered to homes. The pandemic has transformed the lifestyle of people and they now look for quick and safe


How To Avoid Checkout Lines With Smart Food Ordering?

Pandemic has compelled restaurants to upgrade their business with an online food ordering system. In the new normal, restaurant owners are constantly looking for ways that can help them offer customer’s better experience. The new way for engaging customers is the online food ordering app. That’s why many restaurants are embracing such non-obstructive ways so


Embrace The Smart Dine-in Trends For Your Restaurant Business

We know the last decade was not good but people didn’t lose hope. They kept fighting and strived hard during the pandemic to sustain their business in the market for a long time. Specifically, the restaurants found a better way to survive in the market with digital technology. All restaurants want to expand their customers