Dishes That You Find It Difficult To Pronounce?

Sometimes in the restaurants, we find it difficult to order dishes because they are difficult to pronounce. While we’re good at eating food, we’re not quite good at saying it. We land up getting corrected by our language sycophant friends. We bring you a list of most commonly mispronounced food words. 


Aal-mund Ah-mund 


Tor-tel-yahs Tohr-tee-yahs 


Keenoah keen-wah 


Pa-e-lla Pah-eya 


Ex-press-o Es-press-oh 


Buff-ay Boo-fay 


Bru-sheta broo-sket-ah 

Sometimes it is difficult for us to pronounce the dishes in the restaurant. As a customer we wish to have it but we never order it. Shout out loud, show off your knowledge to everyone and cheer up cause you no longer would be judged while you order food. 

For example – You wish to enjoy food online? But on the telephone you are not able to tell the restaurant the dish you would love to have. To give clarity to the restaurant you hesitate the dish name. Read this blog and share your knowledge with your friends. Conveniently order food online with food ordering applications. Download Now.

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