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Hosted a huge party but don’t have time for cooking food? With a splash of colors let’s celebrate Holi with vibrant colors. Call your friends, It’s a day to express your love with colors. It is a time to show affection. May all the colors that are on you are of love! But I think that the celebration is incomplete without the scrumptious food. So awaken your food senses in this Holi. Endure the mouth-watering dishes with the home delivery app. Different delicacies are prepared on this day to welcome the Holi festival with zeal and passion. Order traditional recipes from the app and get started with the colorful celebrations. Remember that food always enhance our mood for a good start. Drooling already!!

What a scene! When the land of cherished by colored lawn. Colors are curdling with diverse people. I think on this day who don’t play will be called a conn. What to order when you are chilling with your friends? Traditional Holi dishes are equally colorful as well as appetizing.

Let your sweetness shine with vibrant colors and food !!


Holi and Gujiya are the best two friends. It’s a special dish in the festive. Also, called the sweet dumpling made up of the filling of Khoya. The amalgamation of crispy outer coating and delicious filling. To make a healthy dish you can replace sugar with jaggery.


A festive is incomplete with the chilled Thandai. Right from the fun add vibrant colors to your food with a beverage. What makes the drink distinct? The amalgamation of ingredients like almonds, milk, saffron, and sugar in the right proportion. Also, aromatic ingredients like saffron, cinnamon will enchant you the most.


When planning to order Gujiya from a restaurant, How can you forget the Rasmalai? The sweet dough balls are stuffed with nuts, saffron and served with fresh cardamom cream. On the auspicious occasion include the mesmerizing dish in the celebration of Holi.

Pakodas and Bhajiyas

For the refreshments order different types of Pakodas and Bhajiyas from your favorite restaurants. Keep the guest satiated with fried fritters. These are combined with onion, spinach, cheese, or vegetables. Cheer your day with dishes.


It’s a slurpy dish that adds enhanced flavor to your mouth. A must-try dish, it is made of sweet-sugary ingredients. Tickle your taste buds with a batter of coconut, crushed banana, flour and milk, and cardamom.


Kachori is a mouth-watering snack! The name itself is enough to attract anyone towards it. It’s a Subhanallah snack with tea when your hunger is craving for the savory treat.

Closing thoughts

Festival and food always go hand in hand, that’s the main reason why all people wait for the festivals. Food helps us to bring good memories of the festive. Get yourself to peek into the new culture and fill your appetite. I recommend you should try the Holi recipes when you get the opportunity. Also, share your beautiful stories with us.

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