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The popularity of drive-thrus saw a great upsurge in the middle of the pandemic. They serve the purpose of social distancing quite well with their limited contact pickup phenomenon. While they were typically associated with fast-food chains only, independent restaurants have also started setting up their drive-thru systems using food ordering apps and other mediums. Technology has come a long way and most of the hospitality industry has adapted itself to getting out benefit from innovation. Here are the major ways in which a drive-thru ordering app can help your restaurant adapt to COVID-19.

They are convenient for customers

The most important purpose served by drive-thrus is convenience. It lets people order food and pay for it using their smartphones and without having to leave their cars at all. It is also very fast, which is the primary selling point for hungry customers who want their meal served almost instantly.

They create an opportunity for a new revenue stream

A drive-thru food ordering app provides a new revenue stream for your restaurant and honestly, your business will thrive more when it has more options to make money. You will simply be adding another option for your customers to order through without compromising with your usual dine-in, takeaway, and delivery models.

They increase capacity

Through drive-thrus, you can serve more people than can fit inside your restaurant venue. This becomes all the more important in the middle of the pandemic as indoor seating is supposed to be limited so that customers can enjoy a safer experience.

They are pandemic-friendly

A drive-thru food ordering app seems to be specifically designed for the pandemic. Customers can avoid unnecessary contact with the staff and order using their smartphones. They can get the order served in their own vehicle and can happily leave the restaurant quicker and safer. The benefits of a drive-thru system for your restaurant are many and the setup is quite simple. There are plenty of food ordering apps that are available in the market for affordable rates. Choose your pick and start getting orders through drive-thrus. Don’t wait anymore for some additional sales and profits.

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