What is smart dining?

The latest buzz in the restaurant tech scene is smart dining. The term initially applied the hardware inside a restaurant but is now used in a broader term to include the modern software and apps that restaurants are using to transform their customer experience.

Why is it getting popular?

A smart restaurant is centered around improving the ordering process for customers along with lowering its cost of operations. At most of the major food chains and restaurants, automation has become very regular. The orders are now taken by customers who interact with devices such as mobile phones, tablets, kiosks, etc. 

Some of the major reasons why smart dining is gaining popularity very quickly are-

  • It lets customers stay in control of their orders. They can browse the menu for as long and in as much detail as they want. They can customize the dishes by themselves. Thus, the scope of errors is greatly reduced.
  • The order gets forwarded directly from the device to the kitchen. When it is ready, the waiter is notified about the same. So, the service is quick.
  • Any smart restaurant that values the safety of its customers would opt for digital means of browsing menu, ordering, and payment. It greatly decreases the number of unnecessary interactions and ensures the process of dining becomes more contactless.
  • You can centrally control each and every operation at your restaurant. Be it managing dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders or checking employee attendance, or deciding table placement at your venue, or making changes to the menu, everything can be done from your device.
  • Lastly, it is very affordable to get smart dining apps for your restaurant. The hardware is definitely costly but most of the software is compatible with multiple devices and can be installed and operated on your smartphones as well. The commissions that such apps charge is also pocket-friendly in the majority of the cases.


Should you get it for your restaurant?

If you’re interested in joining the era of smart restaurants then it is a clear YES. The entire hospitality industry has opened up its arms to automation and it is time that your business also gets a taste of some fruits of technology.

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