Restrictions on eating out at restaurants are finally loosening. But, to ensure that customers can enjoy efficient and safe dining in restaurants is still a big challenge. People are quite resistant to go to restaurants at the moment. They fear for their safety and the quality of food. Also, dining out exposes them to a lot of surfaces that have been in contact with multiple customers. So, their concerns are quite justified.

One way to tackle this issue is by improving the air quality inside your restaurant. Though many people aren’t aware of this yet, there are lots of evidence that sate the virus may be airborne. So, Cleansing the air inside your restaurant might turn out to be a great idea for your safety and business.

Why should you do this?

The simple answer to this question is- because social distancing might not be enough. Social distancing does create a buffer for efficient and safe dining in restaurants. Many restaurant chains are rebuilding their venues to distance tables and customers from each other. But, there have been certain claims stating that even a small breeze can spread the virus up to 20 feet. So, even when you are indoors, the distant gathering might put you at a risk.

How to improve indoor air quality to amid infection transmission?

There are various ways in which you can get cleaner air inside your restaurant. Here are a few simple tips that you can follow.

  • Invest in air filters and keep changing them at regular intervals.
  • Use cleaning products free from organic compounds like VOCs which pollute indoor air.
  • If possible, redesign your entire restaurant as per ergonomics. It promotes efficiency, productivity, comfort, and better air quality.
  • Get your HVAC system inspected on an annual basis.
  • Clean your equipment, floors, walls, and other surfaces properly to prevent the settlement of dust, debris, and food particles.


The restaurants have opened up but nothing can be done if enough amount of customers don’t show up. To keep your business running and promote efficient and safe dining in restaurants, follow all the above-mentioned points which will definitely work in your favor.

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