At most full-service restaurants, the customers can either reserve their table in advance or show up at the venue hoping that there would be an empty seat for them. When it comes to the restaurant staff, managing between the reservations and walk-ins is certainly not a piece of cake. If it is done incorrectly, you will have lots of angry customers and empty tables pretty soon. 

But don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered. Refer to the tips listed below to improve table reservation management at your restaurant.

  • Place time limits

It is very important for you to focus on punctuality at your restaurant and the customers ought to uphold those values. Make sure that you clearly explain it in your policy that they need to arrive on time or may risk losing their reservations. Keeping a table reserved and empty for more than 15 minutes is definitely not good for your business.

  • Don’t reserve it all

Keep a few tables unreserved at all times, even during peak hours so that your impromptu dine-in customers do not have to turn back due to no table reservation. 

  • Implement waitlist on reservations

A waitlist will help you know how many customers you have on waiting during a particular time frame. So, you can try and accommodate them with a vacant table as soon as possible. The guests will have to wait but they can still be optimistic about getting a table in some time and you won’t forget how many people are waiting outside to be seated.

  • Stay organized

Angering a guest is much worse than refusing. Make sure that you are aware of reservation timings and the table is ready in advance. You should avoid making them wait at all costs after they have reserved their tables much in advance.

  • Remind guests of their reservations

After the guests make a table reservation, you should give them a follow-up call if it is confirmed. You can also call them an hour prior to their reservation to ensure that they are coming.

That’s it. Improving your restaurant reservations management is as simple as these points. Do follow!

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