To increase the sales of a restaurant, you must take into account these 5 variables:

  • Leads or contacts with emails
  • customers
  • Profit margin
  • Purchase frequency
  • Pre-order


If you double any of these variables, you will be increasing the sales of your business.

In other words, to double your restaurant sales, you have to:

  • Increase your leads or contacts.
  • Increase your customers with a digital waiter.
  • Increase your profit margin.
  • Increase your purchase frequency.


Increase your profitability is by selling your star products using suggestions, restaurant sales strategies, and upselling with Restaurant POS.

All these marketing and sales strategies for restaurants have no more mystery than trying to induce your customer, in a very discreet way, to buy:

  • More Products.
  • More expensive.
  • Higher profitability.

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6 restaurant sales techniques (to help you double your sales)

  1. Train your team in restaurant sales techniques.
  2. Determine what items you are interested in selling.
  3. It offers the most profitable (not the most expensive) products. 
  4. Find the best moments within the service to sell.
  5. Consider the time of day and the weather.
  6. You have to recommend selling.

Missed and unidentified sales and upselling opportunities often happen with untrained and unmotivated staff. You must know about the marketing and management strategies of your business to pass it to your team.

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