The hospitality sector currently is made up of more than four million workers between direct and indirect employment. It is, therefore, the spearhead of the global economy. If you want to start working in this sector, you will surely be interested in reading this.

1. Proper training is the best basis to get the first job

Hospitality is currently a very mature and competitive sector. The advance that it has developed in recent years has made professionalization the main bastion where it has been supported. There are a large number of public and private schools or training entities where you can start training and learn the fundamental skills that a hospitality professional must-have. There is no excuse for not starting some professional studies in hospitality, and we must analyze where we want to do it, linking geographical area, purchasing power, and of course, references that we can obtain from that training center.

2. Choose what specialty we want to develop in such a competitive hospitality

If we are talking about the hospitality industry in a state of maturity and highly competitive, it is because during these years, the specialization of the professions that comprise it has undoubtedly been promoted. Not many years ago, the sector was a group of multidisciplinary people; who performed the most varied functions in restaurants. Without a clear definition of tasks that reflected the position he held. Now, this has changed, and all the hotel and restaurant business models have well-defined and hierarchical structures. That is why when we start our studies, we must weigh very well the specialty to which we want to go; room, bar, kitchen, or confectionery as the first significant division.

3. Languages are essential in a country with so much international tourism

In tourist areas, the central location for hospitality jobs, knowledge of languages ​​is an obligation that we must take into account when visualizing our future first job.

4. Reinforce your soft skills to complement your training

Although knowledge training is our basis for finding the first job in hospitality, reinforcing our soft skills will give us added value compared to other candidates.

For example, initiative, creativity, or the ability to resolve. Depending on the specialization that we have chosen in our academic training, we must reinforce one or another characteristic, that although they are personal, they can be enhanced or developed. And they will undoubtedly be a differential value to our future candidacy in the search for our first job in hospitality.

5. The curriculum vitae a photograph of our strengths

Our cover letter is the curriculum vitae, and therefore it must be a report or photo of our strengths. We must specify in detail all those skills that we have developed with our training or studies, and with the labor practices that we have developed.

If we have, we can carry out exercises in some establishments, let us count the tasks that we carried out, and what achievements we have achieved in that time-space.

6. Prepare the interview with details and information about the company

And finally, once we have interested in a company and call us for an interview, we must prepare. When we go to a meeting, we have to have precise information about what type of company it is and what business moment it is experiencing. It is not the same that is in the process of expansion and is creating new positions, or that is in the process of personnel changes. Our interviewer will have information about our personal and training life, and we must have the correct prior details about the company to face this process successfully.

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