How to Use Order Taking App to Improve Your Restaurant’s Operations

Have you ever thought about how much time your server spends taking orders? How much time does your backend staff spend recording online orders on the POS system? How much does it take to inform server staff that an order is ready to be served to the customer?

So, do you want to save all this time? We recommend you to sign up with an order taking app and improve your restaurant’s operations.The customers find it easy to place online orders and love the updates they receive every few minutes while dining.

When you’re planning to open a new restaurant or even want to increase sales of your existing restaurant, you must think of reducing all the chances of errors made by your manager, kitchen staff, delivery boy or any other employee. Also, check the time taken by waiter staff to take meal requests and finally deliver orders to the customers.

Calculating all this time spent, you’ll definitely come to a conclusion that a lot of time is being wasted by restaurant staff, ultimately leading to a bad customer experience. Being a restaurateur, you already know that quality of food is not the only factor that determines a good customer experience.

Good Customer experience = ambiance + aura + order taking time + plating food + much more

So, what is the best solution to save all this precious time and enable your waiters to create memorable guest experiences.

In this blog, we will focus on a few ways how order taking apps can optimize your restaurant operations and grow your business.

Reducing wrong orders & error rates

Penning down wrong orders is one of the classic mistakes made at any restaurant. We all know waiters are extremely busy and chances are high to mix up orders from two tables. If this isn’t the case, then the chef may not understand the order scribbled on a paper and prepare a totally different dish.

Thanks to order taking apps, the meal requests can be directly sent to the kitchen from the mobile phone of the customer. Therefore, there are absolutely zero chances of mixing two orders and also there is a substantial drop in customer complaints.

Store client data and sales information

While signing up with any order taking app, the customers have to add their personal information. This data can be highly useful for any restaurateur. They can use these details like date of birth or anniversary to run future marketing campaigns.

For example, you can use email ids to send monthly newsletters to the customers about any new addition to the menu or send a discount coupon on their birthday. Apart from this, you can start a content marketing campaign to bring previous customers back to your establishment.

Like we mentioned above before the birthday of a customer you can send them emails about how your restaurant can organize events like birthday parties. It will be really great if you can add the pictures of any event that has been similar to the occasion organized at your restaurant.

Personalized marketing strategies can bound customers to revisit your establishment and even motivate them to tell their family and friends about your restaurant.

Wrapping it up

Order taking app is a must have digital tool for any restaurant. It reduces the chances of errors and eases operations. Managing orders, automated KOTs, assigning orders to delivery boys and managing inventory are some of its exciting features. These mobile applications make your customers feel amazed and delights tech-savvy customers with fast services.

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