The corona period started at the beginning of 2020. While the year is about to come to an end, there is still uncertainty about how long will this pandemic stay. It has had a very harsh impact on many industries. Particularly, the local shops and businesses such as small cafes and restaurants have been very adversely affected. Some had to shut their doors completely. Others had to sign up with a really costly food delivery app that took up most of their earnings as commission. Even big chains such as Starbucks had to close down a lot of their venues.

You can already imagine how harsh it has been for your local restaurants. But let us look at the bright side of things. We have listed a few ways in which you can support your nearby restaurant business during the corona period. Do read and extend your helping hand to the ones in need.


  • Ask how you can help


Most of the times, it works best if you directly approach the restaurant and ask how you can help. Every business is dealing with a crisis at the moment. You can ask how they are coping up and what troubles them. Maybe you might come up with the perfect idea to help.


  • Order delivery or takeout if you can’t dine-in


You can be a bit afraid to dine-in. It is understandable. But you can still order takeaway and home delivery. If your local restaurants are on a food delivery app, you can use it. Else, ask the restaurant if they have meal kits or their own delivery people.


  • Give good ratings and reviews


Online presence is very important, especially at the moment. Feel free to share your experience on the internet. Give high ratings to the restaurants you love. Like, share, and repost their content on social media to bring some engagement on their page. Spread the word.

It is important for you to understand their condition at the moment. It might be very easy to order on a food delivery app and then cancel it. But you never know how that order might be a ray of hope in the heart of the restaurant. Be vocal for local and honour the small businesses near you during these tough times.

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