Social networks are one of the best free gastronomic marketing tools to attract new customers and retain customers who have previously visited you at your restaurant.

But it is increasingly difficult to stand out on social networks, whereas much as you try in your publications few or nobody sees you. Competition is fierce, and many are fighting to get the attention of the same customers.

However, it’s still possible that thousands of customers looking for where to eat every week will find you on social media.

Because the problem is not that there are no potential customers on social networks, your difficulty is that the time you are dedicating to them is probably not being effective.

How about spending less time on your digital marketing strategies and getting better results?

Generally, these failures come from:

Lack of strategy: They upload photos without defined objectives, without publication schedules, and without understanding what their clients are looking for on social networks.

Poor quality photos: Poorly lit, poorly focused, do not seduce or advance the experience.

Ideas to attract customers to your restaurant with digital marketing

Make your restaurant staff known

If you want, on the one hand, to have more engagement on social networks and thus win the Instagram feed and motivate your team, this is the first digital marketing strategy that you should start using… today!

Make sure your photos are attractive

Does it seem obvious to you? Unfortunately, most gastronomic businesses upload poor quality photos that do not attract their followers’ attention at all.

If you are not sure if your photos are attractive or not, enter your social profiles and think if you were a client of your restaurant, would you go to eat there looking at your photos?

If the answer is, you don’t have to know that you are losing hundreds of bookings and sales for your business.

Take advantage of the interior design of your restaurant

We live in the Instagram era, where there is a particular interest in aesthetics, beauty, and visuals. More if we talk about the gastronomic sector.

Search your restaurant for that corner that makes you different and unique and show it on your social networks. You will see how your clients will want to go to that space and take a photograph of it that they will then share with their friends.

Put videos on your digital marketing strategy

Finally, you can not stop using videos in your digital marketing strategy for your restaurant since they are on-trend.

Inevitably, when you are browsing the Internet, you stop earlier in a video than in a text or photograph. The same thing happens to your client.

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