Happy hours are one of the best marketing strategies to increase your sales and get more footfall at your restaurant. They are usually offered during slow business timings such as late afternoon or weekdays. Nevertheless, a well-managed happy hour program could be the primary reason behind the success of your business. 

Earlier, happy hours were specific to bars only. But, now this strategy is being implemented by various restaurants as well. If you are considering to start happy hours at your restaurant, here are the reasons why they are important and how they can be a great decision for your business.

  • Introduction of new arrivals

Happy hours are usually set at times when customers go to dine-in for the purpose of conversations and relaxation. As the crowd in your venue is comparatively less at the time, you get the opportunity to introduce and market your new arrivals to them personally. 

  • Boost in sales and profits

Pricing is one of the primary factors that shape the restaurant experience for every individual. Thus, the discounted prices during certain hours of the day will definitely attract customers. Even if it isn’t much, your sales will get a boost because something is always better than nothing.

  • Increased customer loyalty

You can provide your regular customers with premium offers and extra discounts during happy hours. This will increase their loyalty towards your restaurant. Also, well-managed happy hours are a great way to impress your customers and prompt them to come again and again.

  • Gaining new customers

When new people come to know about the happy hours going on at your restaurant and try it, they might be impressed. They get access to food and drinks at discounted prices. This will help you in converting them to your regulars and you will get new customers.

  • Building brand awareness

You can strengthen your brand in many creative ways during happy hours. You can offer additional discounts for groups, couples etc. You can start loyalty programs and give benefits to customers who bring more customers at times of happy hours.

As you can see, the benefits of hours are immense while their application at your venue is relatively easy. So, you better get it for enhanced opportunities.

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