Now Easily Order Food From Restaurants On The Way

Now Easily Order Food From Restaurants On The Way

Are you heading to your destination on an empty stomach? No matter where you are, you can order food from the restaurants on the way. Innovative digital solutions like the Y The Wait appare a lifeline for foodies. Time is the biggest issue that foodies face while going somewhere. There is no time to enter a restaurant and then wait for the food to be ordered. But Y The Wait has made it simple and easy for food lovers. Using the YTW app, food lovers can check on various restaurants on the way. No compromise has to be made while ordering food. From Continentals to Chinese, order anything that you love.

YTW is connecting food lovers with restaurants, enhancing restaurant service, and enticing the taste buds of customers. This innovative and smart technology helps at both ends. Helping restaurants in achieving quality service and helping foodies get the best experience with food. No matter if we talk about restaurants on the way or restaurants near you. The YTW app is always there to reward your taste buds.

Foodies! Don’t Miss The Offer.

During a journey, foodies don’t know what offers are available in nearby restaurants. But now, there is no chance to miss any offer. Know the available offers in nearby restaurants with just a few clicks. YTW never lets you miss any offer. Not only the exciting offers, but YTW also works towards various aspects of food ordering like takeaway or dine-in, service quality, service time, etc. Making hospitality services more qualified in these aspects, YTW offers immense features as follows for the customers.

Pre-order And Get it On Time

Whether you are five minutes or half an hour away from the restaurant, order food anytime, get the Y The Wait app downloaded to your smartphone, and order food smartly. Check the list of restaurants on the way. Choose a restaurant and go through the digital menu on your smartphone. Now order food that you love and get it instantly as you reach the restaurant.

Make Customizations On App

No need to call the restaurant to add customizations to your food. YTW app has a digital menu and digital waiter features. These features help you customize the food orders and make them more delicious according to your food choice.

Get Contactless Service

Traveling to a different location may endanger you due to pandemic-like situations faced in the past. Customers look for contactless service more than anything else post-pandemic. But do you believe every restaurant is capable of doing so? But YTW has turned all the restaurants into contactless service providers.

Personal Digital Waiter

The VIP experience is all that we want at restaurants. But the sad part is it becomes expensive when we avail of the VIP experience. Now this problem is no longer in existence. Personal digital waiter feature is there to help foodies. With a personal digital waiter feature in Y The Wait, you can have a VIP experience even at a budget restaurant.

Restaurants! Attract New Customers

What does YTW have for the restaurants? YTW offers digital solutions to enhance your services to achieve customer satisfaction. Rather than doing everything manually at your restaurant, restaurants can do it automatically also. In this arena of artificial intelligence (AI), automating tasks is easy now. YTW has made things simple for the restaurants providing an AI-based digital solution to help restaurants achieve what they deserve without new investments.

Get In Front Of New Customers

Registering your restaurant on Y The Wait app lets you connect with thousands of customers looking for the restaurants. No matter if they want restaurants on the way or restaurants near to me. If your restaurant has positive feedback and reasonable offers, you might get in front of new customers.

Give Offers To Attract

Getting in front of foodies and making them order food from your restaurant are different things. Both of these things require efforts to be made differently. To get in front of new customers, you can list your food outlet on Y The Wait app. But to attract them to become buyers, you need to give offers. On YTW, you can easily manage loyalty programs, offers, and discounts.

Automated Table Bookings

Don’t allocate half of your restaurant staff in table bookings. Make them free of this tangled task and assign them something useful. Table bookings, confirmations, and availability manage everything efficiently with Y The Wait. Increase staff efficiency by giving them productive tasks.

Processing Payments Easily

When foodies order food from restaurants on the way, payment issues usually occur. Sometimes online payments are not accepted, and sometimes the currency issues are there. But YTW makes it simple for both. Restaurants get multiple payment options and quick processing. Customers can have food without even asking about the available payment options.

Easily Manage Rush Hours

Rush hours are the revenue hours for restaurants. If a restaurant faces issues managing the high frequency of orders during rush hour, it might be a severe problem. YTW helps restaurants to manage rush hour orders in a usual way. No need to hire more staff; just get an AI-based solution for your restaurant. YTW enables you to automate the order process, team and stock management, and much more.

Different Order Fulfilment

Foodies can ask for takeaway and dine-in from restaurants on the way. Making it simple for the restaurants, YTW has made it simple to process orders received for any mode. Whether it is a dine-in order or takeaway, restaurants can fulfil it quickly.

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