Planning your family dinner? Consider these tips before making a table reservation

Dining out at a place that allows you to make a table reservation is a great convenience. It eliminates the wait time when your favorite restaurant is jammed, especially on the weekends. But to have a remarkable experience, you must know the proper way to make reservations.

So, if you want to ensure your dine-out plans do turn awful, here are some tips to help you brush-up on table reservation protocols.

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Be a Forward-Thinker & Plan Ahead

While this may not be always feasible, you can definitely plan ahead if it’s for special occasions like Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines or Mothers’ Day. Planning ahead and getting your table booked in advance will help you set the things according to your preference. For instance, if you want a table reserved close to the pool or in a corner with the most breath-taking view for your anniversary date, you have a greater chance to get it if planned ahead.

In short, planning your reservation ahead helps to secure the time and get you the seat you’ve your heart set on.

Table Booking Apps

Making a call to the restaurant for table reservations now seems outdated. Instead, customers these days prefer using table booking app for reservations. Such online food apps offer multiple features along with amazing deals and discounts. So, you can make a reservation while saving on your pocket. While some of the apps may charge a small fee, in most other cases, it’ll be free.

Table Reservation Etiquettes

  1. Book at least a week in advance. Some restaurants and resorts are booked even a month earlier, usually during the festive and holiday season.
  2. Give the restaurant a call before the day of reservation for confirmation. You can tell them if you’ve any preference or suggestion in your mind. For instance, you may want them to decorate your table with petals and candles. This also gives the restaurant staff to be prepared on the day of reservation.
  3. Show up 5-10 minutes before your reservation. But give the restaurant a call, in case you are running late. In most cases, the restaurants allow a short window before giving your table to someone else.
  4. If you need to cancel your booking for some reason, don’t wait until the last minute. Instead, inform them as soon as possible so that they can open the booking window for others.
  5. When you leave the restaurant after having your dinner, thank everyone who served you at the table. Be kind and polite. Get to know the tipping policies and act accordingly. Certainly, the tipping policies would be given on your table booking app.

The Takeaway

If you want that your dine-out goes well, regardless of what purpose it has been planned for, follow the above tips, Choose from a wide range of table booking apps and enjoy a hassle-free table reservation.

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