Preparing Your Restaurant for Coronavirus

It’s well known for the outbreak of coronavirus the customer visits at bars and restaurants have sharply dropped in the last few days. The diners are frightened by the alarming tone of a coronavirus and people are afraid to travel to city to dine. Restaurants have always been a great place to gather and enjoy meals with family and friend. Make sure your restaurant works day in and day out at food safety.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is caused by COVID-19 respiratory illness. The disease was first detected in China. It is still not absolutely clear how the disease is spreading among people. Currently, there is no vaccine for coronavirus. The reports are available stating the virus is also spreading through infected individuals who do not show any symptoms also.

As a restaurant, what you can do:

Keep Employees Safe: It is highly recommended to keep staff members showing any symptoms away from operations and should not be allowed to work until symptoms are gone.

Keep Customer Safe: Provide additional tissues to customers to cough and make sure alcohol-based hand sanitizer are available for use. Also, ensure that tables and all cutlery are properly cleaned.

Bodily Fluid Event: If a customer or employee vomits, then your cleaning staff must use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Segregate the contaminated area and dispose-off food that has been exposed.

Where we can find resources?

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