Give your hunger a new option with the Y the Wait app. Always love your hunger with the best hygiene restaurants that deliver the favorite cuisines to your doorstep. The food ordering system brings smiles to people’s faces as you are delivering food as per their needs. Earn handsome profits with software that helps restaurants to control their resources. For the waiters, the software makes their life easier because they don’t have to go to the kitchen for communications. 

It’s March and summer is officially here! The warm breeze in the summers calls for larger-than-life dinners. Joy and sorrow comes with the faithful application that delivers food at particular time. Don’t starve, just order a meal. Also, a manager can keep the update of the kitchen, cash, staff, and many more. 

From the management point of view, the manager will be able to access all the information and able to see records of employees, staff members, and customers too. The main purpose is to maintain the restaurant function and reduce the manual entries. Regularly, food order to maintain the day-to-day records in the system. The software helps to control the proper record of the database. 

Functionality like:

  • Proper billing
  • Control orders and services
  • Control multiple branches 
  • Store records


Are you able to perform all the functions in the restaurant at one time? Traditionally, managers store manual data and in the store communicating with a large number of customers. All the time, the supervisor cannot manage the multi-purpose like table, order, kitchen, reception, and counter simultaneously. The restaurant needs full-fledged software to maintain the daily transactions, orders, cash transactions, staff records, customers, feedbacks, etc. 


The purposed system helping the restaurants in many ways. It helps to do billing very easily. Account maintenance also becomes easy. Managers can track purchases of inventories, staff records, sales of food, customer feedback, and reviews. The software provides all the facilities in one platform. Also, your restaurant can manage the different types of orders like party orders, home delivery, or regular order. 

  • Less use of manual work
  • Record of the X-Staff member and current member will be recorded in the database
  • Cancellations for the parties recorded here
  • Profit and losses will be updated every month
  • All the food order details recorded by the software
  • The manager can view the kitchen side, floor side, counter side details


Devote your attention to eating with a smart waiter app. Sign up here for the better future and grab on the week’s menu. Let us make your day more worthwhile. Strengthen your business with the restaurant management software. You are just a click away! Make your restaurant faster, accurate, and cleaner. Benefits from the technology cut through lines and emphasize hygiene safety measures. Put the power back up in your hands decreases the average time of the customer, and will help you burst through lines, even at peak hours. 

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