Secret About Online Food Delivery Apps You Didn’t Know

“Keep on spending on ordering food and soon you’d left with nothing.”

Raise your hands if you often hear this from your moms!! We are sure, most of your hands would be raised high.

But what if we say that you can actually save money by ordering food online?


Online food delivery has become a necessary part of our routine. We are so spoiled that we keep craving food that isn’t home-cooked. Even if there’s no real reason for us not to cook at home, we’d invent our own absurd reasons to order food online – too tired to cook, bored of eating home-cooked food, the maid didn’t show up, and more.

But then, every time the bill arrives, we regret your decision of ordering food online. And we end up cursing ourselves for wasting money on the food order.

But here’s the thing.

Online food ordering doesn’t actually take a toll on your pockets. Thanks to the online food delivery apps!

Without further ado, let us come straight to the point. Here are few ways to save on food delivery services.

Ways to Save on Online Food Delivery Services

You might have experienced that online food delivery is expensive as you have to pay the order fees, delivery fees, and even the drivers’ tip. So then, how can you save that money?

Hold on to your patience and check out some practical tips below:

1. Opt for Free Delivery Restaurants

One thing you can do to save money on online food orders is to opt-out of paying delivery fees. Usually, the restaurants charge delivery fees after a specific delivery distance. For instance, if the restaurant you are ordering from is located 10 km away from your place, they may charge you a delivery fee.

So, the next time you look out for any restaurant for online food ordering, choose one that offers free delivery. Don’t simply jump onto the first restaurant on the list that makes your mouth water. You can make a list of all the restaurants in your area offering free delivery and then make your selection based on your food preferences and restaurant ratings.

2. Compare Prices on Different Online Food Delivery Apps

Not all apps offer food items at the same price. Different food delivery apps have their own way to calculate food order prices. To save money, simply compare how much each app is charging for the same order. Some apps may charge an order fee or may compel you to add more items to the cart to reach the minimum delivery order limit. There’s no point in paying an extra fee when you’ve already paid the item fee and delivery fee.

Hence, it’s always a money-saving idea to compare prices on different apps and order accordingly.

3. Be on the hunt for Coupons

It’s not difficult these days to find great one-time deals on food delivery. Simply, perform an online search for coupons and you’d find hundreds of relevant promo codes. Besides, you can also follow the social media accounts of the online food delivery apps because they too might provide coupons on special days like weekends and festivals. Further, money-saving apps and browser extensions can also help you save money on food delivery.

4. Register for Free Subscription

Free subscriptions are extremely beneficial for those who love ordering food frequently. Subscribe to a delivery app or service for a monthly fee and waive more delivery charges. Almost every food delivery company provides free delivery benefits by getting a subscription.

The Takeaway

Use these tips and make both your tummy and pocket happy. Look out for the best online food delivery apps and start saving on your orders.

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