Smart Restaurants: The 4 Most Important Types of Tech Solutions for You

The most successful restaurants are those who can keep up. No doubt, technology has transformed the human world entirely. And the restaurant industry is no behind. The constant tech evolutions and evolving customer preferences are the major reasons behind the epic transformation.

Here’s an outline of the 4 technology solutions you need to turn your traditional restaurant into one of the top smart restaurants.

Must-Have Technology Solutions in your Restaurant

Food lovers have changed their preference; what they eat, where they eat, and how they eat. They hate waiting and want their food fast. Dine-in isn’t just what they want, but guests these days look for options like takeaway, online delivery, reservation, and pre-order.

To cope with the changing guest preferences, it has become imperative for restaurants to undergo a major tech transformation. And for those who have already shifted to tech, there’s still room for growth.

1. Contactless Ordering at the Table

Heard of the term, “digital waiter”? It is a modern restaurant concept wherein the guests can access their menu on their digital devices like mobiles and tabs. All they need is to scan the QR code sheet placed on the table using their smart devices. And they can access the restaurant menu on their screens.

Benefits: Digital waiter apps save the guests from waiting for the servers to take their orders. These are of great significance for both the guests and the restaurant, especially during peak hours.

2. Touchable Point of Sale (POS) Terminal

These are modern POS solutions that exist to increase restaurant efficiency. These ensure that you and your staff show great performance consistently. Most touchscreen POS applications are designed with an intelligent, easy-to-use interface so anybody in the team can operate it with ease.

Benefits: Such a system can simplify the overall management of the restaurant like order-taking, sales tracking, inventory management, employee attendance, and salary, etc.

3. Kitchen Display Screens

Undoubtedly, the restaurant kitchen is a hectic place; usually in rush. As such, printed tickets are not always the best option, especially during extreme rush. For this reason, many restaurants are using kitchen display screens (KDS) these days to keep things moving efficiently in the kitchen.

Benefits: These are more environmental-friendly as compared to the traditional ticket printers. Plus, these save restaurants in terms of printing and paper costs. The ease and convenience such screens offer are worth a mention, as well.

4. Scan & Pay at the Table

Post Covid-19, guests are concerned about their safety even more. Hence, they look for options that let them enjoy easy dine without the need to physically contact the restaurant staff or resources. Nearly 34% of customers said that mobile/contactless payment availability is crucial to their dining experiences post-pandemic.

Benefits: Online payment is an opportunity for the guests to feel safe as they don’t need to exchange ‘touchable’ cash. They can simply transfer money online by scanning QR codes.

The Takeaway

If you want your restaurant to succeed, you will have to upgrade to technology solutions. Hope this article will direct you in the right way.

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