The Secret To Attract More Customers

When you visit a restaurant on your birthday, they offer you complimentary desserts or treats to make you feel special? Don’t you feel extra special? 

Customers get attracted by your restaurant when you offer them special treatment. Love getting pampered on special days. It means a lot. Now imagine if you will receive special treatment throughout the year? 

This is the way to keep your customers connected to the restaurants. 

Rewarding your customer is an essential factor to gain customer loyalty. It shows the value for the customers in your restaurant, and also rewards tend to make the customer revisit the restaurant. It is also a great way to increase the new clientele in your restaurant

Rewarding your customers is an effective way to build relations with them. Loyalty programs make more profit in the restaurant. It has plenty of advantages and will help you to stay in the bigger picture. 

There are several rewards you can provide to customers, namely – 

  • Referral programs 

Referral programs are a stem of the marketing because customers believe in the word of mouth strategy. When an existing customer refers their friend to your restaurant, you reward the existing customer for doing so with discount offers or complimentary dishes or desserts. 

  • Offering special discounts 

Offering special discounts to your customers will increase the revisits in the restaurants. Discounts are the best way to increase customer attention and increase the number of new customers as well. It is a long-term strategy to regain the customer’s attention for your restaurant. 

  • Loyalty points 

The safest way is to pay contactless and earn points. It is a rewarding journey when your customers revisit the restaurant. You pay back the loyalty points on the average bill with exchange offers or discounts or complimentary items, or many more. 

  • Special social media discounts 

You are getting people to click the pictures of your restaurant, dishes or give the restaurant feedback at the social media presence by tagging or mentioning the restaurant. Nowadays, social media platforms in exchange for a small discount are a great way to increase brand awareness, and in turn, you will gain new customers with increasing bonds with the existing customers. Be a future of digital growth with exceptional social media discounts. 

  • Paying through virtual wallets 

Giving cashback or discounts to customers while paying through virtual wallets is a great way to attract customers. The virtual way benefits both the restaurant and customers from the loyalty. 

  • Order directly from the website 

Instead of paying commission to the third party, create your website & ask customers to order from your restaurant website directly. As the restaurant owner, I provide a lot of benefits. 

Try out these loyalty strategies in your restaurant & make your customer fall in love. 

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