Do you know what pre-order is? Understand once and for all what this process is and how to adopt a good strategy that can help you attract customers.

Pre-order is a methodology that allows for greater integration between sales and marketing. It adopts strategies that aim to get the consumer to be prepared to buy your product and/or service.

This process is new and has been changing the investment focus of companies: from consumers who are already determined to those who are not yet ready. The goal is to prepare them and get them ready for purchase, so the company has access to a new audience that previously went unnoticed. Therefore, pre-order strategies are not focused on offering products and services, but on attracting customers who will, in the future, be approached by the sales team.

But how to attract customers? Keep reading that we will tell you the essentials so that you are ready to adopt this strategy in your company.

Good service

Customer service is one of the most important pillars of pre-order. During this process, you will be dealing with people who like the food you serve and want to enjoy meals at your restaurant.

Therefore, your restaurant stands out and offers differentials, so that, when exploring the subject, they see you as a reference.

A simple and effective strategy that will be a differential for your restaurant is to offer good service. Facilitating the consumer’s life and doing it with sympathy and joy, in addition to giving credibility to your restaurant, helps to retain customers and generates performance.

For this, your restaurant can adopt personalized service strategies.

This methodology will bring more credibility and a competitive advantage to your company – besides, of course, more sales! You can use the digital waiter app introduced by Y the Wait to help your customers utilize pre-order functionality to enjoy meals at your restaurant.

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