Why Does Your Restaurant Need a Digital Menu?

Of the many tools, a restaurant menu is one of the most vital accessories. It is an internal advertising tool to guide and educate your customers about the experience they are about to have. Undoubtedly, a robust restaurant menu is important for communicating your brand, its values, and the lip-smacking food you offer.

While the driving force behind a menu is definitely its design, this factor is often ignored. Menu engineering is an actual field of study devoted to the purpose-driven and strategic construction of menus. Regardless of the restaurant size or type, a menu should be constructed from the perspective of diners.

This calls in for the new-age Digital Menu.

Powerful Digital Menu for Restaurants

As the name signifies, these are the ‘digital’ version of paper-printed traditional menus. These offer you the ability to engineer or construct your menu in real-time as per the evolving need. These changes may include anything from price fluctuations, business changes, etc.

The power to make changes in real-time helps you to offer productive and updated offerings. Plus, digital menus eliminate the wait-time for orders, integrate a broad range of exciting apps, and highlight offers. All these make your business complete, which a static menu can’t do.

Y the Wait’s digital menu enables you to leverage data-backed, guests’ preferences to update your menu. Through integration with the POS system, our digital menu transforms your business into an efficient unit operated by data. Plus, it also allows you to go paperless and save expenses on paper, and printing. Moreover, it also saves a significant amount of time reducing guests’ waiting time.

Digital Menu by Y the Wait also enables you to engage more with your customers, even when they aren’t physically present in the restaurant. They can simply access our Y the Wait app on their smartphones and order their favorite food. You can track their likes and dislikes and food preferences, which can be used for improvements and upgrades. Since these are digital in nature, you can also make quick changes in the menu items or prices.

At a broader level, our digital menu creates a digital environment through a simple scan-order-pay process. Just by scanning the QR code on their smartphones, your guests can access your menu. It would be apt to say that our digital menu can make the easy dine experience at your restaurant all the more special. The digital display is simple and the interface is extremely easy-to-use.

The Takeaway

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