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Working from Home: Some Useful Tips

Working from home is an essential weapon in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Are your workers also teleworking now? Now is the time to remind them of the importance of good ergonomics to avoid disorders such as back pain or neck pain. When working from home, what is the correct sitting position? And what equipment should be obtained?

Telework while seated properly

Homework is preferably not done in the chair

Pajamas: check. Laptop: check. When you are working from home, it is very tempting to use the computer in your bed or to spend the day typing on your sofa. It’s so comfortable! Still, it’s not such a good idea for your neck, back, and the rest of your body. Do you want to work without pain? So better to work at your desk. Pajamas, on the other hand, are authorized for working from home. Phew!

What equipment do you need to work from home?

If you regularly work in a seated position, it is better to be comfortable. In other words, you need to adopt a posture that is as natural as possible. Looking too high, too low, or bending over your PC is not a good idea. So, you need some material.

  1. Basic material for good ergonomics

Many people think that ergonomic equipment is expensive. Fortunately, it is not. There are many solutions to work ergonomically without having to spend large sums of money. If you work from home for a little while, the invention is certainly worth it.

Some additional tips:

Position your computer screen correctly: To avoid neck problems, your computer screen should be right at eye level.

Do you work on a laptop? Be careful not to look down for too long. Buy a laptop stand so you don’t have to constantly adopt a Quasimodo posture.

Do you work on a desktop computer? Make sure the screen is also at eye level and an arm’s length away from your face. Find out how to place your screen correctly here.

Have a separate keyboard and mouse: If you’re upgrading your laptop, you obviously need a separate keyboard and mouse. Install the latter at elbow height, at a distance of between 15 and 20 cm from the edge of your desk.

You transform your office, as if by magic, into a friendly and pain-free environment. Apart from the ergonomic material, it is essential not to sit still for too long a period. So, make sure you get up regularly and move around enough.

  1. Additional material to create a perfectly ergonomic workstation

Separate laptop stand, keyboard and mouse will already save you a lot of pain. This combination is ideal if you work more in the office than at home. Do you spend the entire working week at your own desk? It would then be wise to invest more in your well-being. What other purchases do you need to ensure good ergonomics?

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